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About us

About Rundis

Rundis is an online shop that offers a wide range of beads, craft parts and accessories.
The focus has always been on craft materials for making pacifier holders, pram pendants and other gadgets for the smallest in the family. Because we are very concerned about safety, we have large collections of premium wooden beads, rings and clips as well as a large selection of silicone items in all colors and shapes that are approved according to the standard DIN EN 71-3.

But there is also a lot to choose from when it comes to jewelry making and other crafts!
You will find everything from semi-precious stones, glass beads, letters and metal parts to strings and threads as well as tools, storage and packaging for all areas.
There are countless colors, shapes, motifs and materials, all in different price ranges and with endless combination possibilities. You are guaranteed to find something that fits your craft project!

The store has been online now for over ten years and the range has been continuously developed. We always try to listen to our customers' ideas and wishes, most things can be solved. In this way, we could constantly expand and build up the range to what we have today, and it is certainly not finished yet!
So if you have a suggestion or request for a new product, color or size, you are more than welcome to get in touch! We'd love to hear your opinion!

Or if you have questions about us or our articles, please feel free to contact us!
Please also get in touch if you need larger quantities of a product or shop for your association/organization, and we can surely find a good price together!
So don't hesitate to contact us, no matter what!

Also keep an eye out for news on Facebook and Instagram .

Welcome to the store and let yourself be inspired!

About the founder

My name is Stefani, who started and runs Rundis, and I live with my partner, our two daughters (10 and 13 years old) in Överlida in Västra Götaland.
I started Rundis in the fall of 2012 during pregnancy and maternity leave with my second daughter and the webshop was opened in May 2013.

Everything that has happened since its inception can hardly be summed up.
There were successes and setbacks, joy and happiness, tears and anguish. Many meetings. Lots of development. Lots of life so to speak!
And above all you – customers, followers, colleagues, partners, competitors and of course my family and friends – have helped make Rundis what it is today! You have supported, inspired, fought with me, left both nice words and complaints. All that is needed for development!
And I am so deeply grateful for everything and to be able to have this job - The best job there is!

Personally, I'm often in a happy mood and try to see the positive in everything! I love meeting people and sometimes talk a little too much! I usually have a lot of ideas, but little time and patience. Often many things happen at the same time and there is always a balancing act between family and business.
Most of the time, you meet me with a cup of coffee in my hand when I'm pretending to do something important. But sometimes I get one of my flashes of genius and things happen!
So hang in there, it's going to be fun!

Warm greetings, Stefani at Rundis ❤️