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Safety and care advice

Safety for pacifier holders

Information on the manufacture of pacifier holders

Each pacifier holder must be manufactured with the utmost care and in compliance with legislation DIN EN 12586 (Children's articles - Pacifier holders - Safety requirements and test methods). Check the pacifier holder before using it and also inform third parties who will use it.

All material for pacifier holders must be approved according to the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 (Toys - Safety rules - Part 3: Migration of certain elements). You will find information about it in the description of each article.

This means i.a. that the color of the wooden beads is saliva-resistant* and non-toxic.

Keep in mind that:
· The maximum length of 22cm (without clips) must not be exceeded.
· The string used needs to have a minimum thickness of 1.5mm. We recommend our polyester cords.
· The beads used must be at least 6mm in diameter.
· Tie tightly and seal the ends carefully with a lighter for added security.
· We recommend using safety beads on the ends of the pacifier holder or other creations used by children.
· Test the pacifier holder every time before you use it and tighten it properly to ensure that everything will hold!
· Also inform other people who will use the product about the safety and care instructions!
· Always check the pacifier holder or other items each time before handing it to a child!

* Saliva-resistant means that contact with saliva itself does not lead to wear and tear. Saliva in combination with
mechanical influence such as chewing, biting or sucking inevitably leads to wear of the varnish.

Sales of self-made products

If you manufacture your own products for sale, such as pacifier holder, stroller hanger, etc. you are the manufacturer and therefore have the ultimate responsibility.
It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that all products are safe and meet any requirements and legislation.
You, in turn, are responsible for informing your customers about the product, its use and safety.

Important advice for children's safety

· Before each use, check the entire pacifier holder. At the first sign of damage or weakness, replace with a new one.
· Never extend the strap/chain of the pacifier holder! The maximum length of 22cm (without clips) must not be exceeded.
· Never attach the pacifier holder to ribbons or loose parts of the clothes. This can mean a risk of strangulation.
· We recommend attaching the pacifier holder only to clothing and not using it when the child is in bed, cradle or nursery.
· The pacifier holder is not a toy and must be used under adult supervision.
· All small parts used in the manufacture of pacifier holders are individually unsuitable for children under three years of age due to the risk of suffocation.

Also give this information to other people who will use the pacifier holder!

Cleaning of pacifier holders etc. or parts used in the manufacture of similar products

The product is cleaned with a damp cloth, do not use detergents or chemicals. Also avoid direct contact with water. The product must be stored dry.

ATTENTION! It is absolutely not recommended to boil or steam the product, as the wood may swell or crack, the varnish may peel. Even if the product is cleaned with detergent, the color may come off.
It is fine to boil the silicone products themselves, but never in a ready-made pacifier holder or toy, because the polyester cord can melt or get damaged so that it can no longer withstand as hard grips.
If you feel unsure about using a product, it is recommended to throw it away and buy/make a new one instead.

Keep in mind that wood is a natural product that suffers more wear and tear than other materials. In combination with saliva, paint wear may (but must not) occur. The water-based paints and varnish used in the articles marked with them are completely non-toxic, so there are no risks for the child and the product can be used in the future.